CCMSC logoThe need to reduce CO2 emissions is global, and the CCMSC is fostering international collaborations in support of its mission to demonstrate exascale computing with V&V/UQ to more rapidly deploy a new technology for providing low cost, low emission electric power generation. We highlight the work of three of our visiting international scholars:


Rafi MalikRafi Malik Rafi Malik is a doctoral student from the Université libre de Bruxelles. He is developing a novel approach for treating turbulence/chemistry interactions for combustion systems in the context of Large Eddy Simulations (LES). His approach is based on Principal Component Analysis (PCA), a method allowing the efficient parameterization of the thermo-chemical state of a reacting system with a reduced number of optimal reaction variables. This improves LES efficiency by reducing the number of non-conserved scalars, the ones controlling the evolution of the system.


Yule ZhuYule Zhu is a PhD student from Tsinghua University. He is working on modeling the growth rate in coal-particle diameter during multi-phase flow and combustion as well as developing models for the source terms of coal-particle diameter in population balance equations in the DQMOM algorithm of ARCHES/UINTAH software.


Qi ZhangQi Zhang is a PhD student from Tsinghua University. He is developing and refining coal-combustion models to reflect the particle's agglomeration state near exit of the combustion zone in industrially relevant boilers. He has been developing submodels for ARCHES to simulate coal-particle flames in a Hecken burner.