The CCMSC will host a seminar series in predictive science, host an annual Predictive Science Workshop, and create an annual student-exchange program.

Annual Predictive Science Workshop

Stanford will host this year's annual predictive science workshop on June 2-4,2014 for 2+1/2 days of lectures on uncertainty quantification.
The objective is to provide an introduction to the topic, a description of some of the available tools and insights on current research. In addition, they will have 5 talks delivered by PSAAP Center's representatives on their experiences and major outcomes.

The agenda and additional information are available at their website.

The plan is to start in the morning of Monday June 2nd and finish by noon on June 4th. The lectures will be on Stanford campus. Registration is free but availability of space is somewhat limited, so please register (on the website above) as soon a

Student-exchange program

Each CCMSC student will participate in the student-exchange program. When you are ready to participate please fill out an application and submit it to Jeri Schryver.

The following students are participating in this summer's student-exchange program:

Pascal Grossett (Computer Science, Advisor: Prof. Hansen) working with Al McPherson @ LANL
Aaditya Landge (Computer Science, Advisor: Prof. Pascucci) working with Peer-Timo Bremer @ LLNL
Cameron Christensen (Computer Science, Advisor: Prof. Pascucci) working with Eric Brugger @ LLNL
Sidharth Kumar (Computer Science, Advisor: Prof. Pascucci) working with Jim Ahrens @ LANL
Ben Schroeder (Chemical Engineering, Advisor: Prof. S. Smith) working with Walt Witkowski @SNL

Additional opportunities include:

2014 LLNL co-design summer school

This summer school will take a few physics specifications and create instantiations in a several programming models, unbiased by any code porting. Both CS students interested in the Physics and Science and Engineering students interested in the computational details are welcome. The school will include a few lectures, both on programming models and on computational science. The dates are flexible based on the student's schedule, but they expect the students would be at LLNL from June 15 to Aug 15. LLNL expects to support at least 6-8 students. To apply:

Go to LLNL jobs, and the posting ID number is 11838.

An alternate link can be found here.