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International Collaborations

The need to reduce CO2 emissions is global, and the CCMSC is fostering international collaborations in support of its mission to demonstrate exascale computing with V&V/UQ to more rapidly deploy a new technology for providing low cost, low emission electric power generation. We highlight the work of three of our visiting international scholars: Rafi Malik… Read more

One-Dimensional Turbulence Modeling of Coal Combustion

James C. Sutherland, Babak Goshayeshi Overview High-fidelity simulation of turbulent combustion is an expensive endeavor because of the range of length and time scales present and the complexity of the physical phenomena involved (nonlinear coupling between mixing and reaction). LES resolves large length and time scales while modeling unresolved scales. LES… Read more

SpatialOps-Nebo EDSL

James C. Sutherland, Matthew Might & Christopher Earl, Tony Saad Overview Programmers for high-performance scientific computing applications must traditionally be cognizant of numerous issues when… Read more

Visualization Research

Large-scale analysis and visualization is becoming increasingly important as supercomputers and their simulations produce larger and larger data. These large data sizes are pushing the limits of… Read more

Particle Combustion

Particle Reactions Combustion of the coal is at the heart of the boiler. The mass release and the heat release due to coal combustion must be known in both space and time in order to calculate the… Read more

Optical Diagnostics

A number of advanced optical diagnostic techniques are available to provide experimental data on oxy-coal flames to the CCMSC. These data will be compared to the simulation data to check for… Read more

Radiation Modeling with RMCRT

Radiation is the dominant mode of heat transfer in the boiler, with the largest section of the boiler dedicated to capturing the radiant energy generated by the coal and gas reactions. Because the… Read more

Exascale Computing with Uintah

Martin Berzins, Christopher Earl, Qingyu Meng, Matt Might, John Schmidt, James Sutherland, J. Davison de St. Germain, Alan Humphrey Driving Problem The driving problem for the use of Uintah under the… Read more

V-UQ With the BSF

Figure 1: The boiler simulation facility (BSF) is a 15MW pilot scale oxy-coal boiler owned and operated by Alstom. The boiler was designed for characterizing the combustion process and heat transfer… Read more

Large Eddy Simulation

Jeremy Thornock & Ben Isaac Figure 4: LES Simulations of the Alstom T-fired BSF 15MW pilot scale facility. The images and movie in Figures 1 and 2 are taken from experiments run on a single,… Read more

CO2 capture in oxy-combustion

Let's explain how oxy-combustion technology works by Alstom Power. Oxy-combustion consists of burning fossil fuel in a mixture of oxygen, produced in and Air Separation Unit (ASU) and re-circulated… Read more